H2-O ‘Who’s That’ Video

H2-O is out with the video to his new single ‘Who’s That’, off the New Jersey rapper’s ‘Reset’ mixtape, out August 10th on Silk City Records. “The purpose of the ‘Who’s That’ song and video was to answer the questions that I’m asked on a regular basis. In the song, I decided to talk about what was really on my mind in a passionate way because I believe that’s one of the things that Hip-Hop is missing… ‘Passionate Music,'” H2-O said. “People often want to hear me rap and go in so I chose to rap for 3 minutes straight to showcase my lyricism. It’s important to me that people know that I can really rap before anything else, because that respect needs to be established from the very beginning. Before I can ask the public to buy a record or listen to my story, they need to know I take my craft seriously. The song ‘Who’s That’ establishes that respect.” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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