Happy Valentine’s Day From Laze & Royal

Royal of Laze & Royal checked in with fans on the rap duo’s blog at MySpace (@lazeandroyal) on Saturday (February 14), wishing fans a happy Valentine’s Day and offering his thoughts on 2009. Royal tells readers:

Just wanted to stop by and wish all of y’all a happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a boyfriend or girl, husband or wife, or simply just a mother or father to spend it with… don’t take for granted the people in your life who you love. There’s something about 2009, it almost seems like a completely different world now… or is that just me that feels that? I feel that slowly but surely by the end of the year, mostly everyone will think differently, and the world for the most part will return to the times of The Beatles, and 60’s when everything was about peace, love and harmony. Of course there will always be hatred and some war somewhere in the world, but hopefully we get there as people. Enjoy whatever y’all are doing, and b safe ;) . love y’all!!!

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