‘Highway Of Blame’ Leads To Shooting Of Rapper Proof

Frank Beckmann of the Detroit News writes in an editorial Friday: “As with so much violence in Detroit, this week’s tragedy involving a rap star and a former soldier should never have happened. And the highway of blame stretches from a dysfunctional Detroit community fraught with crime all the way to our reactionary state government in Lansing, with plenty of stops in between. Start the blame game with the dead man, the rapper (Deshaun Holton) on Tuesday morning at 4:30 in a joint called the C.C.C. Club. Proof was hailed by friends as a ‘great family man’, a ‘wonderful person’, and was credited with — or blamed for — starting the rap/hip-hop culture in Detroit. But wonderful family men don’t pistol whip and shoot people in bars at 4:30 in the morning.” Detnews.com has since removed the article.

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