Hip Hop Activists Plan On Shutting Down Clear Channel & Viacom

Contributed Anonymously:

Hip Hop Activists from all over the Nation join together for the Empowering event on September 6th, 2003 in Brooklyn, home of many Hip Hop artists. It will take place on a Saturday in Brooklyn NY on Fulton at Utica Street (In front of Boys and Girls High).

Black Power in the Music Industry means that today’s Hip Hop activists are no longer going to be the victims of the stranglehold of Viacom. It would certainly mean that Clear Channel would have to open their airwaves to a little more than rump shaking and self hating violence. Furthermore alternatives are being discussed for global networking and empowerment. Hip Hop is more than a music industry and it is specifically a powerful generation. Shemia Miller, Marketing Giant for some of the greatest power brokers in the Black Power movement comments, “Hip Hop is more than a music industry and it is time that we seek alternative measures to ensure that our program is being accurately distributed through out the globe, if it means shutting off the radio, if it means denying sponsors, we will do that. It is time for economic marching- which means a total black out on products that allow this mess we will!”

Black Power is definitely Black in the Music Industry. Rap Station the leading industry alternative for *Real* Music is owned and ran by Chuck D. This website is the new millennium’s answer to turning off the Radio. Radio Suckas Never Play Me has been the heart felt mantra for artists for years. This is the solution for the attempt to shut out real music by corporate giants. Rapstation.com is the host for Real Music not just Hip Hop, but all music that does not get the fair spin because of corporate choke holds and blaxploitation.

George Bush not fond of the country PARIS, or the hip hop artist PARIS. Black power has received notice from the Streets to Wall street, and even the White House, as senior Bush made a statement against PARIS and his gritty music. PARIS unites all guerrillas in his upcoming CD. How revolutionary is it? Che Gueverra would have it in his CD player if he was alive. PARIS cuts out the middle man and corporate giants by having his own record label, in which people are able to purchase: guerillafunk.com

KAM, the New face for Revolutionary Rap, that’s what insiders and the streets are saying. If Death Row couldn’t put the west back on the map, KAM promises to with his CD SELF. Already suggesting to some that this is riot provoking in his unapologetic lyrical flow, he refuses to cave into industry’s request to tone down his CD. The CD that was set to blaze the world on 9/11/2002 was shut out due to political forces. The most notorious gangster would be afraid to say what KAM says on SELF. Like Paris, KAM starts his own record label HereAfter Record, hereafter-records.com to ensure that his music will be as raw as it must be. Interrupted by 5 minute commercials, KAM unites all gangsters back to their regular program.

To Join in this Black Power in the Hip Hop Industry, Attorney Malik Z. Shabazz has requested the artists and the activists to either email Millionyouth2003@aol.com, or call : 202 234 1349. We are also seeking speakers and performers.

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