Hip Hop Has Become A Complacent Empire

Evan Serpick of Entertainment Weekly gave his thoughts on Nas and his beef with that boiled over to the point he walked out of the Hot 97 Summer Jam when he wasn’t given the chance to hang Jay-Z onstage as part of a skit and his later comments on Power 105 about the state of hip hop. “The talk of ‘evil empires’ and labels paying stations may be exaggerated (Def Jam denies it pays radio stations),” he explained. “But Nas’ overall message is dead-on. Hip-hop has become a complacent — if not necessarily evil — empire. The hunger, talent, and anger that propelled the genre to the top of the music industry’s food chain has been replaced by a corporate machine that churns out cookie-cutter singles that radio stations, labels, and artists conspire (successfully) to turn into hits.” Read more.

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