Hip Hop Manifesto: Petition To Viacom

Contributed anonymously:

To: Viacom

For too many years the Black community has allowed the negative side of Hip Hop to completely dominate the positive. We have allowed music video shows to play the same negative videos over and over again, which talk loud and say nothing, while the artists whose words could uplift the Black community, struggle to get their messages out to the masses. We have allowed our children to be constantly bombarded with images of Black men as “Gangsta’s” and “Thugs” and Black women as “Ho’s”

We believe that the masses of Black people are fed up with the negativity that aids the genocide of Afrikan people, disrespects Black women and guides our youth down a path of destruction.

We believe that given a choice, the masses of Black people will choose music that will uplift the Black community instead of tearing it down.

We are appealing to all community activists, conscious rappers, spoken word artists, Black organizations, educators, religious institutions and all those concerned about the future of Black children to raise their voices and say that we will no longer accept the anti-afrikanism that has been promoted by the media. We are demanding that those in charge of poisoning the minds of Black children with these images:
Stop B.E.T. (Black Exploitation Today!)


The Undersigned

Petitiononline.com, which hosted this petition, has since shut down.

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