Hip Hop Shouldn’t Return To Gangsterism Over 2Pac Story

Renee Graham of the Boston Globe weighed in on the controversial story by Los Angeles Times reporter Chuck Phillips who claims the late was intimately involved with the September 1996 drive-by shooting that mortally wounded . Graham said, “For years, many members of the hip-hop community have been suspicious of the mainstream media, and this report will only confirm for the conspiracy-minded their belief in the media’s (read: white people’s) desire to rid the world of hip-hop (read: black people.) The media and fans have drawn, and will continue to draw, their own conclusions about who killed Tupac, as well as Biggie. Wherever the truth lies, these latest theories should not become an opportunity for hip-hop to return to the poisonous and stupid gangsterism of the mid-1990s that claimed the lives of two of its finest.”

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