Hip Hop’s Ultimate Battle: Race & The Politics Of Divide & Conquer

Davey D. writes, “Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of discussion around Hip Hop and Race. The popularity of has been a catalyst for the impassioned exchanges that have been a long time coming. The most visible debate centers around and the Source Magazine and their claim that Eminem is a tool for the white power structure [machine]…But this has been a discussion that has surfaced and resurfaced ever since the hit the scene back in the mid 80s. The discussion of Hip Hop and Race emerged during Hip Hop’s Golden Age/Afrocentric era… when groups like 3rd Bass the Young Black Teenagers hit the scene. The introduction of Vanilla Ice also sparked a lot of discussion around the issue of race in the early 90s. Unfortunately we never fully addressed all the issues and concerns that arose out of those earlier conversations.Now that Eminem is blowing up the spot and Hip Hop is a multi-billion dollar a year business, the discussions around race are in full swing again.” Read more.

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