Holly Valance Clears Up Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs Snub

The Herald Sun spoke with Aussie pop star Holly Valance who talked about her time in England promoting her single ‘Kiss Kiss’ and dealing with the “nasty” English media. “It must be hard for them I suppose, because being so young I have no dark or secret past they can dig up – they tend to make up a lot of the things,” she said, adding, “I have to learn to stop telling off-hand stories or gossip about myself because things tend to get blown out of all scale.”

Holly explained, “Recently, for example, something was written that I had knocked back American producer P. Diddy for a date, but it was all actually based on an incident four years ago when I met him with a group of girlfriends and he asked us all if we would like to go to a party. I declined. I would feel so foolish if he read these latest stories because I am sure he would have no idea who I am or how I have supposedly snubbed him.”

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