Hot 97 Airs Exclusive Interview With 50 Cent

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Hip-hop makes mainstream headlines yet again with another violent confrontation as beef moves from the mic to the streets. Tackling today’s issues head on New York’s #1 Radio Station is Hot 97’s, Lisa Evers, who has managed to keep the ear of today’s youth on her weekly show, ‘Street Soldiers’ which airs on New York’s Hot 97 every Sunday from 9pm-10pm. On this week’s ‘Street Soldiers,’ host Lisa Evers discusses the beef between G-Unit and Murder Inc with an exclusive interview with . The show also examines hip-hop rap wars. How does the beef go from being on mixtapes and CDs to violence? Is it the artist or the entourage? What part does the media and mixtapes play in encouraging the beef? Street Soldier’s host, Lisa Evers, plays an excerpt of her exclusive interview with 50 Cent discussing the beef between the rival camps in Sunday’s show titled, ‘Rap Wars – On Or Off The Record?’

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