How Far Is This Gonna Go?

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We all have a laugh at various rap rivalries, we’ve all got our opinions and we all wanna know the latest gossip. When it comes to battles between NAS and Jay-Z we all know it’s a bit sad, cause they were once tight, but other than that it’s alright. When it comes to Dre. vs. Jermaine we know it’s nothing serious, and similarly when it comes to other battles like; vs. , Benzino vs. , and vs. DMX etc. It’s all harmless rappin.

But now one rap battle is starting to spill out of the studio and onto the streets, it’s starting to get serious and people’s lives are now in danger. Is history going to repeat itself with this rap war?

It started out innocently enough with a war between 50 Cent and Ja, and then it escalated when 50 snitched on Murder Inc. on live television saying that they laundered money. Then Eminem decided to get involved, causing Ja to set his sights on the white rapper and make him his new target for threats and violence – including the assaults on his friends and Shady/Aftermath affiliates by Murder Inc. crew.

But the final blow came when Suge Knight started whispering in Ja’s ear. Using this as a chance to get back at Dre for snitching on Death Row, he lumped the three (Dre, 50 cent and Eminem) together. Now, Ja and Irv Gotti may not be a huge threat (although they have allegedly caused their fair share of injuries to Em’s crew already) but we all know that Suge knows no bounds, and when he starts a war, it doesn’t end until he finishes it.

So what is gonna come next? Eminem has already beefed up his security and Dre has been somewhat quiet, but will that be enough to save them from the wrath of Suge with his new partners in crime; Murder Inc? Or will we soon be seeing the next murdered rapper on the street?

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