Hyped-Up Beefs Give The Music A Bad Rap

Rafer Guzman of Newsday reviewed the Hot 97 Summer Jam X, and wasn’t impressed with the vicious insults, the sound of cocked guns and the sudden popping of pistols that was part of the show. Guzman said, “The show illustrated one more thing: Despite its platinum-selling, multibillion- dollar status, commercial rap continues to wallow in petty arguments, ugly behavior and pointless violence. and his protegee, , arguably the best and smartest rappers in the business, were by far the guiltiest perpetrators Tuesday night.” He added, “Rappers, whether they like it or not, have become the representatives for poor communities plagued by violence and crime, and their actions speak as loudly as their words. What’s depressing is that, the more albums they sell, the less reason they have to care.”

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