I Saw Akil & DJ Nu-Mark Of Jurassic 5 Smoking Dope!

Not like it should shock anyone I guess but earlier tonight at the Bumbershoot concert while Mos Def (who was amazing btw) was performing, the guys from were in a trailer left of the stage with the lights on/window shades open and I saw Akil and DJ Nu-Mark of the group dragging on a joint. Even though they keep the lyrics clean, these guys ain’t no Will Smith type of group!

The rest of the people with the J5 posse were smoking up too and the trailer looked like an early morning San Francisco fog inside.

The crowd was no different and it was a testimony to the growing movement in Washington state to get a bill on the ballot allowing ‘no jail time’ for those using or in possession of marijuana.

Jurassic 5 were the only ones to take a moment out to remember Aaliyah on the gig, as they asked the crowd to light their lighters and observe a moment of silence.

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