Ice Cube Is Cool With Eminem

Chaunce Hayden of Steppin Out magazine spoke with about his new movie ‘Friday After Next’ and asked about a fellow rapper having success on film, . “The reason I’m cool with Eminem and all the success he’s getting is because he’s a credible MC,” Cube said. “He can rhyme and do all the things you got to do to be credible out here. I’m talking about the music, lyrics, and the flow. It’s all put together right, so I have no problem with Eminem.” As for a white guy getting respect he has gotten in hip hop, Cube opined, “I mean, before him we had the Beastie Boys. Put it this way, that’s just the history of America. A white cat takes something invented by the black community and gets rich from it.”

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7 thoughts on “Ice Cube Is Cool With Eminem

  1. Google says:

    Ice Cube is a after reading this, actually I quite dumb person..
    “A white cat takes something invented by the black community and gets rich from it.”
    Obama earning too, from being president doesn’t he..

  2. Google says:

    very nice spelling of me, I just noticed, 5 stars for typing with 10 thumbs

  3. iZo says:

    The Google dude who commented is retarded. Disrespecting the man ice cube for calling it as it is. Anyway, respect to both living legends for doing their thing in music and movies. Keeping hip-hop alive.

  4. jake says:

    Ice Cube isn’t all that yes he’s been there for a long time that makes him great nah Biggie and Tupac been there for 6 or 8 years now that’s fu**ing great Ice Cube 20 odd years what has he achieved. Eminem has been there 7 years 4 year hiatus break and Ems freestyle despicable it’s ok Lose Yourself, Mockingbird, Sing for the Moment when I’m gone I could carry on hey right now his making gay music like Not Afraid and love the way you lie and bull but the album says recovery it’s about him hopefully next year something better comes out like lose yourself or special song and he made songs with Drake Kayne and Lil Wayne to show the listeners he is the best he killed forever and drop the world and no love em disses mostly subliminally and just showing us who is better he even cussed Lil Wayne forever I think and sold 80 odd million world wide and even Nas respects him and Kayne West and the Game and 50 Cent and Jay Z Nas said Em murdered you on your own sh** to Jay” and Nas is better than ice cube and I would say Nas and em the same so ice cube ain’t got nothing on Eminem if he does its only fat.

  5. john anthony medoza j.r says:

    Ice Cube is awesome I like his movies

  6. who? says:

    Somebody remind me who this guy is again? Or wait, he acted in cheesy ass films such as- are we there yet, are we done yet, first Sunday, and so forth. Ice Cube, rap isn’t your game anymore, stop trying to play it.
    And the same white person who got rich doing what a black man created, NEVER SOLD OUT.
    And the iZo guy who commented is retarded. Disrespecting the man GOOGLE for calling it as it is.

  7. jeremy says:

    ice cube did not just do those movies, he did several bad ass movies, and they are al good. hes a good actor for some one who started out doing music especially. if we tell cube to stop doing rap, then we will get only music about “the club” and “money” which makes up most mainstream sh** now thanks to acts like lil wayne drake sodija boy and anyone else mainstream now. you say ” ice cube ain’t got nothing on Eminem” but have you noticed how Eminem has changed into a poppy sensation that got him rotation at rock and roll stations, cuz being a fan i have, yes i used his own lyrics to show his sad downturn. i am really worried that Nelly is going the same rout cuz his 2011 CD was club money girl, not like the 2008 and b4 releases but that’s besides the point.

    I really don’t know y i get on here and say anything, i mean most people who don’t like gangsta rap and only like pop rap, or don’t know the diff, are usually the ones who didn’t grow up with it. its like me telling someone about rolling stones when they grew up with it and i herd it decades later.

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