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was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to promote his new movie ‘Friday After Next’, which opens today. Cube talked about being hooked up with Dr. Dre and Aftermath and went through the show’s ‘Wringer’. He was asked if Michael Jackson is trippin, and he agreed. Cube also had no idea who Lil’ Fizz of B2K was. Read on for a transcript.

MTV: No. 7 right there tlc “girl talk” no. 7 for the second day straight.
Shout out to tlc my next guest oh, my god movies, music whatever you want
he is t man, Ice Cube is in the building!


MTV: Yes. Welcome.


Ice Cube: Yeah!

Ice Cube: Hey!


MTV: How are you?

Ice Cube: I’m all right. How you doin’?

MTV: I just saw you in L.A..

Ice Cube:Eah, yeah.

MTV: Cube my first question is about your music. Now the crowd is goin’
crazy, they love you give it up for Ice Cube.

Ice Cube: — Trl. What’s happenin’?

MTV: Now, cube I’m hearin’ you might team up with dre for your next
album how did you get him on board.

Ice Cube: Just released off my label “priority” called dre up and said,
yo, how would you like to produce my next album, you are down he’s like,
yeah, come over sign with aftermath and produce the next record so I’m
with it.

MTV: That’s big. I hear also talks of a tour dre might tour to do his
album and you might promote yours like a joint tour with the aftermath
family or how will that work?

Ice Cube: Hopefully. We’ll try to get everybody you know west side connection,
hope flow bring eminem you know and everybody —


MTV: That would be crazy. We’ll take a time out. When we return we’ll
put you through the wringer and see if you melt or make it, all right find
out next stay tuned.


MTV: Another beautiful day in times square we are hangin’ out, yes,
welcome back to trl I’m here with the man, Ice Cube we are hangin’ out
give it up for Ice Cube


Ice Cube: Wha’ssup lala.

MTV: Let’s talk about “friday after next” why you did decide to do a
holiday movie this time.

Ice Cube: We never really seene in the ‘hood you know the first time
you’ll see how we do christmas so I wanted to flip the concept how we do
it and give my new movie a makeover by puttin’ christmas in ‘hood.

MTV: Definitely. Shout out to mike epps, I know he returns to this one
how was the vibe on the set.

Ice Cube: Crazy.

Ice Cube: He’s off the hook.

Ice Cube: All these comedians a lot of kickin’ it. We had music goin’,
playstation 2 goin’, you know bringin’ in a barbecue pit, we have a film
time and film the movie in the meantime so much love.

MTV: Do you know about the trl wringer

Ice Cube: I know a little bit about the trl wringer.

MTV: Yeah, we might make you sweat a bit ’cause comin’ up in a minute
quddus will put you through it but right now back to the countdown no.
6 mariah carey “through the rain”


MTV: That was mariah carey “through the rain” maintaining that spot.
We’ll turn up the heat and see if you can handle the pressure.

Ice Cube: Okay let’s do this.

MTV: I’ll shoot off random questions and you will answer as quickly
and honestly as you can.

Ice Cube: Okay.

MTV: What we call the wringer.

Ice Cube: The wringer

[Background music]

MTV:  ready.

Ice Cube: I’m ready.

MTV: Does Ice Cube snore?

Ice Cube: Yep.

MTV: All right. What are you doin’ next friday.

Ice Cube: Goin’ to see my movie again


MTV: Is michael jackson trippin’?

Ice Cube: He is trippin’. Michael jackson is trippin’.

MTV: Surely right hoff how does Ice Cube answer the phone.

Ice Cube: Hello?!

MTV: That simple.

Ice Cube: That simple.

MTV: No who this.

Ice Cube: Nah, just hello.

MTV: What was your first car.

Ice Cube: My first car was a bucket, a 1968 bug vw.

MTV: Now you drivin’ bentleys, man.

Ice Cube: You in I’m drivin’ bentleys, man.

MTV: Who was lil fizz.

Ice Cube: What you say.

MTV: Who istle fizz.

Ice Cube: I don’t know.

MTV: The dude from b2k.

Ice Cube: Oh, man I don’t know, come on.

MTV: I d expect you to know what name do you check under in hotels.

Ice Cube: Come on, you know, I can tell you that.

MTV: It’s just me and you, dogg and a couple here.

Ice Cube: Ice Cube. I check in under Ice Cube put it that way.

MTV:  All right. All right we’ll keep your secret a secret who
will get four rings first j-lo or the L.A. Lakers.

Ice Cube: Lakers, baby.

MTV: He is reppin’ right there.

Ice Cube: No doubt.

MTV: No doubt. What does Ice Cube want for christmas.

Ice Cube: All I want for christmas is my two front teeth, baby. Ha.

MTV: Was today a good day.

Ice Cube: Today is a good day I’m trl doin’ it you know definitely aod

MTV: Good havin’ you, ‘cube thanks to stoppin’ by definitely check out
“friday after next”

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