Ice Cube’s Message For Guys Pursuing His 16-Year-Old Daughter

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ welcomed on the show the other night. The rapper/actor talked about finishing up a tour with Snoop Dogg, how Snoop had a bigger entourage, his rules for being on tour, how to eat gangsta, what he did growing up in Los Angeles during the summer, his 16-year-old daughter and how he’ll handle the boys. “When they see me they definitely put on their nice act,” Cube said of his daughter’s potential suitors. “It’s all cool. I just let them know, hey, you know what’s happening, you treat her right, and I’ll treat you right, but anything you do to her, I’m doing to you.” They also reviewed the notebook of lyrics Ice Cube has kept since the N.W.A days.

The interview video at YouTube has since been removed.

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