Ice-T And Body Count Reunite

Get Real Detroit caught up with and asked him why the re-form of Body Count after all these years for a tour and possibly a new album. “We took a long hiatus because we lost our group,” he said. “Our drummer, Beatmaster V, died – he caught Leukemia and he passed away. And then the bass player Mooseman got killed in South Central – he was killed in a random ghetto shooting. So we really didn’t have the original members of the group and it was really hard to get that energy that we were looking for. But we ended up hooking up with a new bass player, we got a new drummer and I decided it was time to try and fire the band back up. And now we’re going out on this tour, [to] lock in some sounds. I’ve already written about 10 songs so we’re going to do an album too.”

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