Ice-T In Paternity Battle With Bronx Blonde

The National Enquirer spoke with Linda Marie Sanchez, a 28-year-old from the Bronx who had a four month fling with that resulted in Sanchez gettin pregnant and conceiving Kevin Ice Marrow. Ice-T is demanding to take a DNA test, even though Sanchez said he’s already taken one and proven to be a match. “He already knows he is the father because he paid for a DNA test in April and it came out 99.9997% sure it’s his baby,” Sanchez said. “Ice-T picked out the lab and told me where to go for it. And after the test results came back, he even left me a message on my two-way pager that said: ‘It’s mine.'” Linda added, “Even though he said it was his baby before, now he’s trying to say he never had sexual relations with me. It really hurts.”

A photo of Sanchez with the baby shows he looks like a dead-ringer for the rapper/actor. “This baby looks like a ‘Mini-Me’ version of Ice-T,” Sanchez said. “The baby has his eyes, his forehead, his hairline, his nose, his mouth.” The rapper was as cold as ice when he met with his son, as Sanchez explained, “Ice-T turned his face away in anger when I brought the baby over to him. He couldn’t even look me in the eye.” Results of a court ordered DNA test are expected in January.

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