Ice-T Responds To Soulja Boy: ‘There Will Be Ramifications’

is firing back at for showing no respect to the elder rapper after Ice-T criticized the teen for being a destructive force in hip hop. “This ain’t no old school, new school,” Ice-T explained. “This ain’t no east coast west coast drama, you dig? I’m feelin Lupe Fiasco, I’m feelin Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, you dig what I’m sayin? I love T.I., Ludacris. I’m feelin cats like that, that take time to go in the studio and really write something. I’m talking about your garbage. We got to get rid of that man. Hip hop has to last forever, and it ain’t gonna last with you doin’ that Superman bullsh**.”

Ice-T added, “When you go against me you go against the west coast, you go against all the OGz, and trust me, there will be ramifications. Not from me, but from hip hop. You done fu**ed up little homie. You were supposed to take that. Sometimes when old school brothers tell you somethin, you supposed to accept it and keep it movin.”

One area Ice-T probably should have gone was Soulja Boy’s dangerously positioning himself to be a one hit wonder. While ‘Crank That’ topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, the follow-up ‘Soulja Girl’ release topped at #32, the third release ‘Yahhh!’ topped at #48, the fourth and fifth releases ‘Let Me Get Em’ and ‘Donk’ failed to chart, nor has his new single ‘iDance’. Watch Ice-T’s full message below the fold.

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