Imprisoned Rapper Turk To Release New Studio Album

is slated to release his highly anticipated third solo album, ‘Penitentiary Chances’ on KOCH Records on April 27th. The album’s release is being planned as the rapper is being held on $750,000.00 bond, on charges of attempted murder of a Memphis Deputy Sheriff. The album’s title comes from a song that was on his debut album, ‘Raw And Uncut’. Turk maintains his innocence in the case. A second charge against the rapper was dropped when early ballistics tests showed that a second officer was shot by another police officer that was present at the scene. Turk says that he has no idea whether or not his arrest will have any impact on sales of the album, but that he doesn’t expect it to. “My fans would support my album regardless, but it’s a quality album, and it’s going to be worth their ends,” he promises. “Get my album,” he says, “because you’ve got love for Turk.”

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