Interview With Wendy Williams – Hip-Hop Cultures Favorite DJ

Hip-hop culture has many celebrities who we all know and admire. And of course there are those we can’t figure out why they are where they are. And then there are those ‘elite’ few who have rose to their position thru hard work and knowledge of their chosen field.

In the hip-hop and rap radio area there are the DJ’s that are well known and each of their shows are as different as the personality who leads them.

As far as female DJ’s, Wendy Williams is among the ‘elite’ in her field. She is a strong black female who has more than ‘good looks’ going for her. She is educated, outspoken and has been in the communications industry for almost 20 years and her radio show is syndicated in over 10 different markets. And did I forget she knows her stuff.

Not only a radio personality she is also a New York Times best selling author, has a TV show on VH-1 and now she is bringing the fire in her new venture, a CD release titled ‘Wendy Williams Brings The Heat, Vol. 1’ to be released June 28th on Virgin Records.

We had a chance to catch up with Wendy Williams to ask about the new project and to get a little insight to who Wendy Williams really is.

The CD covers different genre’s of music from hip-hop to rap to R&B to inspirational. These are the songs that Wendy hand picked for her project. The CD is really a reflection of music that Wendy ‘feels’.

The artists that Wendy has put together for this CD project is in itself amazing but also is the woman behind this project.

Wendy Williams has supported so many and have always supported her fans, so now it is time to support Wendy and check out her latest project , ‘Wendy Williams Brings The Heat, Vol. 1’ to be released June 28th on Virgin Records. And she also reveals that there is another book coming in the fall, her third. would like to thank Wendy Williams for the time. She is a very busy person and finding time for this just shows her commitment to her fans and to all who are interested in her projects. If you are among the lucky people who can get Wendy on the radio check her out. If not check out VH-1 or get one of her books. But if you get this CD you will have an understanding of the music that this lady enjoys when she is just ‘Wendy Williams’ and the world is not watching.

Read the entire interview here.

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