Irv Gotti Blasts DMX For His Comments On Ja Rule

sounded off on the news that is upset at . Irv said in an interview on a San Franscisco radio station, “What’s going on is DMX is totally 100% in the wrong.” Irv pointed out several Ja songs that DMX never would have made and asked, “What the heck is he talkin’ about?” Irv let DMX get his digs in to “dig his own grave.” He does admit that ‘Holla Holla’ “does sound like DMX, but the rest of his whole career, none of his records sound nothing like you dog.” He’s sayin’ DMX is jealous ’cause his last album, ‘The Great Depression’ didn’t sell well. Gotti also took shots at X and Jay-Z for doin’ nothing for him even though he’s done a lot for both of them. Finally, he touched on Nas, having good things to say about him. Listen to the interview at

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