Irv Gotti ‘On Cloud Nine’ After Beating Charges

In wake of being cleared on money laundering charges, The Inc’s spoke with MTV News about an end to the three year ordeal. “I’m on cloud nine,” Irv said. He added that stress from the trial has been replaced by “a feeling of surrealness,” he said. “It’s an overall happy feeling for a lot of reasons. It’s a happy feeling that my mom and dad ain’t gotta worry no more. Just watching them come to court and seeing my mom with the stress, I couldn’t help her, I couldn’t ease the pain until it was over. It’s a happiness that the jurors saw through everything and did the right thing. It’s a happiness that after three years, the cloud the government put over my head is removed. And the sun is now shining. I got my life back and people don’t have to be afraid to come near me. People don’t have to say, ‘Well, if I mess with him, is the government gonna bother me?'” Read more.

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