Irv Gotti: Vanessa Carlton Has Cred With ‘My Culture’

The Inc. boss has posted several messages on Vanessa Carlton’s official web site forum since introducing himself last weekend. In one message, Gotti wrote, “It’s funny though. Because I roll the windows down and blast ‘Ordinary Day’ (which I believe is arguable one of the hottest songs she has ever made. The way she is flowing and singing on that. And the words are all very special to me) and sing it at the top of my lungs. People in the hip hop world look inside and be like hey thats Irv Gotti. And then there like what the hell is he blasting in his Maybach. And I say that’s Vanessa Carlton. She is the SHIZZZZNNNIIITTTT! Funny thing is alot of people from my culture already know and love V. It’s weird to me sometimes. It’s mostly from ‘A Thousand Miles’. When we went to London to go hang out with Jay-Z. I know she was a lil shocked with all the ‘Thuggish’ type guys that me and Jay know saying how they love her music. hahahahaha.”

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