Is Eminem A Good Dad? Two Fans Say Yes And No

Carrie Stetler of the Minneapolis Star-Ledger profiled Jessica Lorenzo of Middletown High School South, who baked cupcakes with the letter ‘E’ spelled out in M&Ms and brought them to cheerleading practice in honor of ’s birthday last October. Her fellow cheerleaders called her “obsessed,” but they ate the cupcakes. They asked for a fan who thought Eminem was a good father and got a response from Jessica. “He is a hell of a father,” wrote Jessica. “When Hailie was 1 year old …he could not afford to even buy diapers. …He started working hard and finally made it. It was all for his little girl. He would give the world to Hailie if he could. What more could a daughter ask for? A daddy who loves her with all his heart.” Twelve-year-old Laura McCabe said otherwise.

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2 thoughts on “Is Eminem A Good Dad? Two Fans Say Yes And No

  1. Alyssa says:

    okay first of all, Eminem is overall an amazing person, forget his rapping for now, hes an amazing father to Hailie, and he tried to work it out with Kim, but it wasn’t his fault, like he said its destiny. Also he is very caring to take custody of Alaine, who is Kim’s twin sister daughter, and having custody of Nathan Mathers, who is his half brother and trying hard to get custody of Whitney too, who is Kim’s mistake with another guy..
    And Eminem is not ashamed of his past which is amazing, he is real, and he loves his kids so much, their in many of his songs, including Kim. Also hes been through a lot in his past childhood, teenhood, adulthood, but through all, he made it to the top, and by top, I mean T.O.P ! He’s the best rapper alive. His raps are real, they tell a story, hes not fake, hes not just in it for the money and girls, and his rapping is good, hes a great rapper, hes not like Lil Wayne, no offense but he sucks, his voice is always electronic, its fixed after he records the songs in the studio. But Eminem is real, to his kids, and fans. So please SHUT THE FU** UP, because you have NO reason to hate on Eminem, unless you’re jealous, in that case, you’ll never be like Eminem. Hes special, I love him, I’m the biggest fan. I appreciate him for who he is more than how he looks, he is hot, but what he does for Hailie and Alaine, hes very caring. Oh and Mariah Carey in my opinion is Fu**ed up, That son “Obsessed” she wrote to Eminem, HA HA, why would an amazing, hot, successful, caring, loving, rapper be obsessed with… Mariah Carey, shes over weight and DAMN UGLY. married to a guy not funny and skinny as hell. Eminem is obsessed with His kids and fans but definitely not Mariah Carey. She was the one obsessed calling him and texting him NON stop. Overall Eminem’s a true rapper, an amazing father, and a great role model.

  2. jessica says:

    Wow haha cant believe I found this

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