Is Kanye West Overrated? Can The Same Be Said For Hip-Hop?

Contributed Anonymously:

Chuck D (the old school rapper) has been quoted saying that “ is overrated and has been called ground-breaking just for speeding up old records.” I agree with him.

Nowadays in Hip-Hop we are so soon to bombard people with accolades for even having sub-standard talent. Yet real MC’s are just forgotten. Be honest, you rushed out to buy “The College Dropout” or “Get Rich or Die Trying” but you don’t know about real Hip-Hop.

You’re not familiar with the music of Avant or Common but you know all the words to “In da club.” Is that what Hip-Hop is today? A podium for guys who can barely hold a flow to talk about how hard they had it, what they have now, cars, bling and chicks etc. Is anything original?

Hip-Hop is just a popular cult-following which used to stand for something. Take a chain of egotistical, chauvistic, Tupac/Biggie wannabe lyrics and a beat from the 90’s and there you have it. A #1 on the Billboard charts.

Even the crème-de-la-crème of Hip-Hop are leaving us to go into movies, fashion or retirement; LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Jay-Z etc Who’s gonna save the game? Are we just subject to a decade of poor music? How many more 50 Cent’s will blow up for doing nothing?

We need to save Hip-Hop because as fans, buyers and listeners we’re becoming too easily impressed. Hip-Hop’s only as overrated as we make it. So let’s not.

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