Is Lil Jon The Next Bret Michaels On ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’?

‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ contestants and Star Jones talked about who they consider their biggest competition and if Lil Jon is this season’s Bret Michaels in an interview with TV Guide. “I got to meet Bret during the show, and it was like I already knew Bret because I watched his season and his energy when you meet him is so warm and just loving and he’s just like a good hearted dude,” the rapper explained. “I think I’m one of those. I’m a musician too, I’m a producer, artist, so I guess you can kind of look at me like Bret. I’m not gonna say I’m gonna win, but I’m gonna do good ladies and gentlemen. I’m not gonna disappoint you.” The brief interview at YouTube has since been removed.

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