Is The Game A Former Stripper? reports that according to Gangsta Flip Records and Silverback Guerillas member Domination, Compton rapper and ousted G-Unit member used to be a stripper while living in Los Angeles. There may even be video footage.

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27 thoughts on “Is The Game A Former Stripper?

  1. wanzenscott says:

    Yes he was a stripper before he became a rapper, listen to 50 Cent’s album called “Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Radio Pt. 21)” has some sh** exposing the put together gangsta

  2. antonio dumas says:

    There’s no solid proof in this and I’m yet to find any proof that Clarifies the game was a stripper, now if there is actual proof with a photo or a video that he striped I will believe the fact is true but the one way it would really hit me hard is if he stripped from men that would blow me away.

  3. Tyrone says:

    Hell no he wasn’t I grew up with the nigga we worked in a strip club sometimes though.

  4. neum says:

    he wasn’t no stripper look at him. Fiddy probably is a stripper what straight man oils up ever time he takes off his shirt??
    *Black Wallstreet for life!*

  5. Eric says:

    Hell no Game wasn’t no stripper. I wouldn’t believe it even it if there was a photo. Nowadays with Photoshop you can do anything. It’s funny when no name rappers try to sell a record by calling out a top dog.

  6. ??? says:

    Yeah he was on change of Heart the girl said he was stripping and game Never denied It

  7. The Game says:

    I was a stripper. At a gay club. I popped my ass like no other. Fu** the haters, look at me now bitch. I’m so wavy.


  8. R.J says:

    Whoever this is with their name as the Game STFU Game was never a stripper at a gay club

  9. keegan says:

    Game is a bitch ass nigga that loves to shake his ass. He sits up at night wishing he still was with G-Unit. Calls him self a G fu** that sh** the closes he will come to being a G is wearing his g string

  10. Jahmir says:

    You are a gay ass nigga you f*g popping your ass for some niggas. That’s gay yo. You should have been on the block busting a trap my nigga. But you want to be a f*g you nut ass nigga

  11. Jahmir says:

    chill my friend said that and that was the past

  12. Re Stackz says:

    Damn because you better off sucking dick too. yo you really gay for stripping for some niggas you f*g. you get no burn dickhead. I guest G-Unit wanted a male stripper. you f*g ass bitch

  13. b-tray says:

    My nigga game is the realest. Fu* haters. Fitty is a bitch.

  14. Low Life says:

    Dude gay as Hell

  15. Low Life says:

    Dude had a Butterfly tattoo On his Right Eye & got it covered up with that New Tattoo L.A

  16. Slim says:

    Its true the name of the club was Studio East located on Avalon & El Segundo its no longer there his mother Laneet ran the club. WHAT…

  17. Queensbridge Finest says:

    @Low Life, butterfly tattoo means that he was a butterfly that’s a blood gang. Game might’ve been a stripper which is weird, but I still think he’s one of the realest out there, and a true west coast rapper. The game is the last of his kind. He needed money and there’s good tips in stripping, plus girls go to male strip clubs :) haha. R.E.D. will outsell 50’s newest album, 50 is garbage he does R&B and sings I’m pretty sure he’s the gay one, plus he’s always taking his shirt off on steroids. BWS!

  18. Queensbridge Finest says:

    Who cares, Game is rich. BWS

  19. Jay From the 252 says:

    Yo y’all full of it, Game go too hard for some stripping.

  20. Jay says:

    He says it himself.

  21. mano 4190 says:

    He make good music bed I don’t respect he’s gangsta.

  22. tooslim says:

    Screw you Game,, for dissing Fase,, I now hate you bitch made ass fake blood

  23. Too Everybody says:

    The Game WAS a stripper! there are DVDs of him strippin even 50 dissed him and made him remeber that he was a former stripper! and @Tyrone stop lying!

  24. Clockers@ says:

    He prob was a male dancer bcuz the way he rants about gays clearly only dl dudes take offense to a action that has nothing to do with them an to visualize the sh** he talks about really turns him on come on the man has a red Mohawk an love showin his ass I promise you he is a dl black man who deals with his attraction to men by insulting them for being able to get down how they like an he can’t because now he is known so hope he find a gay person that won’t out him because all he wants an need is some man on man action !

  25. Game says:

    So what i was a stripper,so what i neva bang ,i’m 4rm compton nigga!

  26. LosAngelesOfficial says:

    Yall Know Damn Well I Was’nt No Mothafuckin Stripper Yall Needa Chill With That BS.

  27. PyramidSchemeZ says:

    @ LosAngelesOfficial..

    Foolz mad cuz they wish they weRe on yur level bruh n theyR not so they run theR mouthz 4 sum attention. I’ve herd lots of diffRnt rumors involving yur name but nun of that shit matter cuz end a day yur muzic’z tight. Respect

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