J-Kwon Feels Good About Being A Role Model

Rapper J-Kwon

MTV News has a feature on about his self-proclaimed Teen President title and the youthful mistakes that have led him to family estrangement, homelessness, hustling, and cutting school. “I feel good about [being a role model],” Kwon says. “What goes along with being a Teen President is, you gotta hold your teens down. I gotta keep it real with the teens. I’m here for them. I be feeling like, ‘Yo, what are my kids gonna grow up and be?’ So if their daddy shows a positive way for them and every teen in America, we can’t go wrong. [I’m a parent too], so I’m thinking from two points of view: I’m thinking from the parents’ point of view and I’m thinking from our point of view. My album, OK, it’s a little explicit, but that’s entertainment. I wouldn’t tell teens nothin’ that ain’t right.” Read more.

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