Ja Rule at TRL Studios Friday

A shaken braved his way to Times Square on Friday to be on TRL’s Special Edition following the terrorist acts in the United States on Tuesday. Ja Rule was encouraged by the togetherness that’s happened since what happened. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Thank you very proud to be joined by ja rule, nice enough.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

Carson: I was two-wayin’ tryin’ to get people to call in and involved you were nice enough to come down here. How are y holdin’ up.

Ja Rule: A tragic thing that happened like we what discussin’ New York City doesn’t even look the same.

Carson: They had almost a before and after photograph. We were saying it is almost like it is not New York anymore.

Ja Rule: Looks like a different place right now.

Carson: Tell me about the hip-hop community is probably the strongest community, as far as going through times like this. What’s the sentiment been with some of your friends and peers?

Ja Rule: It’s been, you know, a real painful time for everybody, you know. Everybody, you know we’re real sympathetic for the families of the victims, all the tragedy but, you know, we’ve banded together and tryin’ to be together for one another and that’s — that’s what’s so great about America right now, you know. I’m seein’ the togetherness as I sit in the back of the green room watchin’, everybody is chillin’ and everybody gettin’ together on this issue. It’s — it’s like.

Carson: Like what lenny kravitz said like valentine’s day is the day we say i love 10,000 times.

Ja Rule: Right.

Carson: Shouldn’t we have this patriotism and unity when it wasn’t.

Ja Rule: That was the one thing when I was in the back, like the best thing I heard today. That is the realest thing takes tragic times for people to get together, even families.

Carson: I could feel it. I went out in New York last night with just friends and you can feel the sense of unity and just walking down the street everybody’s got that same sort of blank look on their face like we’re all in this together.

Ja Rule: Truly. We’re all in together. We actually here in New York City right now, so it’s like you know a lot of people are watchin’ and it’s like a real togetherness vibe on its streets everybody is tryin’ it pitch in, help out, donate, do something.

Carson: We have like battleships and two cruisers the last couple days it is weird to look up and not see a plane now guarded by F-14s.

Ja Rule: To be honest I’ve b been scared to come through the lincoln tunnel since they opened it up and today i got up of in you know heart to come through because I had to do things in the city anyway and i wanted to come up and holler. When i came through the tunnel I seen like a whole thing of army cars and it kinda shook me up.

Carson: Not supposed to happen here.

Ja Rule: Right it kinda shook me up in a i would like is this goin’ on here?! You know in the city. So it’s scary but, it’s you know, I really, reallys what happy to here like the radio playin’ regular music again and like you know.

Carson: I agree with that.

Ja Rule: Getting back to normally to lift the downward spirits, i kinda want everybody to be back in good spirits, as well because even though we goin’ ththrough tragic times that’s the way to pull together as well, you know.

Carson: Ja Rule great to have you here, man. Always a pleasure.

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