Ja Rule Doesn’t Care About 50, Eminem Or Dre

SOHH.com caught up with for a Q&A where the rapper laid into , and Dr. Dre. “My thing is I don’t really give a fu** about 50 or Eminem or Dr. Dre or any of them fu**in’ clowns. I don’t care about none of them. I don’t want to be friends with them, I don’t want to do records with these ni**as. Farrakhan asked me if I would sit down at a roundtable that he set for the betterment of hip-hop and the children. I said it would be disrespectful if I didn’t sit at that table. So not saying that I don’t want peace but peace is always a great thing but am I looking for peace? No. I’m looking for my kids to eat and continue what they doing. If Farrakhan can bring peace out of this situation that he would like to see, great. If not, we continue the war, we continue to fu**in’ slaughter. It’s nothing. But I would sit with Farrakhan and talk about the situation. For the kids and the sake of hip-hop. But for 50 and them I don’t give a fu** about them. They can fall off of planet Earth. I don’t give a fu**.”

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