Ja Rule Hit With Lawsuit Over Florida Mansion

Ja Rule

The Miami Herald reports that ’s recent appearance on MTV’s ‘Cribs’ left Jeanette Varela upset since the home he was showing off was actually hers. She rented the 8,000 square foot home to Rule, and is suing the music network and the rapper for wrongly portraying it as Rule’s pad. Varela claims Rule hosted a party for 600 during which revelers left holes in her walls, cracked the mosaic tile on the driveway, broke doors, destroyed furniture and left “numerous syringes and condom wrappers” strewn about the place.

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  1. Anbese Yohannes says:

    I love you and your music

  2. tonako jasmolow says:

    yo Ja u my most artist man all time listen your song spacial rock star track n emerica yo u best

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