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stopped by Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday to promote his new movie ‘Half Past Dead’ and his new CD ‘The Last Temptation’. Ja talked about filming the movie in Germany, listening to German rappers, the concept of ‘bling bling’, playing the role of Scrooge in a play, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Conan: All right, everybody, we’re back. My next guest is a hip-hop
superstar and an actor. Starting friday, he can be seen in the new movie,
“half past dead” and his newest cd, “the last temptation,” drops next tuesday.
Please welcome ja rule.

[ Cheers and applause ] Good to have you here.

Ja Rule: Thanks for having me.

Conan: Yeah, thanks for doing it.

Ja Rule: Oh, man.

Conan: Let me ask you, you’ve been called “the king of bling bling.”

[ Laughter ] Because you like the jewelry. You like to wear it, you
like to show it off. Is that —

Ja Rule: I’m all right with the jewelry. I’m not the king of the bling
bling. I’m just a guy from the ghetto that likes nice things.

Conan: That’s cool. I love that term, “bling bling,” too. I think that’s
the coolest term.

Ja Rule: You know, that’s like hip-hop terminology for fancy.

Conan: Right. And it sounds better. King of bling bling sounds better
than fancy guy.

Ja Rule: Yeah, it does, it does, it does, it does.

Conan: Now you do something that I haven’t had the guts to do. You always
perform shirtless. All right?

[ Cheers ] And you don’t want me to go to that extreme. No one wants
to see that. But do you ever think to yourself like that’s cool now, ’cause
you work out like mad. You keep yourself in great shape. But if that becomes
your thing, and you’re still doing this when you’re like 60, and you have
to take your shirt off, it means you can’t have a pizza when you go home.

Ja Rule: I’m preparing for my vegas show now. I’m trying to get my vegas
thing together, you know —

always on time

[ Laughter ] Once I get that down pat, you know, I think they’ll accept
a little flabby stomach.

Conan: Sure, yeah, they’ll go for it.

Ja Rule: Flabby abs we’ll call them then. Yeah.

Conan: Yeah. Now you did this movie, you shot this movie, “half past
dead,” in germany.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

Conan: I’m curious. You must have been listening to the music that was
happening over there. Because when you shoot a movie, it takes a long time.
I don’t even know, is there german rap?

Ja Rule: Definitely. There’s a lot of german rappers, french rappers.
You know, there was a guy out there real popular while I was out there,
his name was sammy deluxe, I think his name was. I couldn’t understand
what he was saying, but you know, it was played all the time. So it’s just
like at home. They play it enough, you think it’s hot. I was into sammy.

Conan: Can you tell if it’s good even if you don’t understand it? Can
you hear and think like, “okay, this is all connecting. This sounds like
this guy is a good rapper” —

Ja Rule: You know, german is like a hard language. It kinda of sounded
like —

[ Clearing his throat ] Like a lot of —

[ Clearing his throat ] That’s what it sounded like —

Conan: I think it would be really scary to hear german rap.

[ Imitating german rappers ]

Ja Rule: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: You’re like, “hey, take it easy.”

[ Applause ]

Ja Rule: It was real intense, yeah.

Conan: Yeah, I couldn’t handle that. Now, this is — you’re acting,
you’re an actor now. You got started — you were acting when you were a
kid, right? Weren’t you in a play?

Ja Rule: Yeah, I did a kid’s play. I was the first black scrooge.

Conan: You were the black scrooge.

[ Laughter ]

Ja Rule: Yeah. Probably not the first black scrooge, but the first one
to play scrooge.

Conan: That’s cool.

Ja Rule: Yeah, I had a good time doing that.

Conan: Did you like being scrooge in the play?

Ja Rule: I liked it. It was a thing where I was split. You know, I was
supposed to do it with another kid. He was a white scrooge. So there was
a black scrooge and a white scrooge —

Conan: That sounds like a weird play.

[ Laughter ]

Ja Rule: Yeah, it was crazy.

Conan: “Wasn’t that guy white 10 minutes ago?”

[ Laughter ] It’s kind of a good way to do scrooge. Like at the end
when he’s happy, he becomes black.

Ja Rule: They had everybody, you know, everybody involved. Everybody
felt scroogeish, you know?

Conan: Right.

Ja Rule: So he backed out on the play. So I had to take over the whole
thing. After that, the teachers kind of encouraged my acting. “Keep on
doing that.”

Conan: At the end when you were a happy scrooge, did you say “bling
bling for everyone?”

[ Laughter ]

Ja Rule: I should have. “I should have said, “bling bling” —

Conan: “Bling bling for you, tiny tim.” “Thank you, sir.”

[ Laughter ] You’re married. You have two kids.

Ja Rule: Uh-huh. Married with children.

Conan: I’ve seen a lot of your videos. And in a lot of them, there’s
some gorgeous women that you’re interacting with. Is it ever strange if
your kid —

[ Laughter ] I’m being a gentleman here. That’s a street term. Is there
ever a time when your kids have like seen your video and they see you with
these ladies and they wonder what the heck’s going on?

Ja Rule: My son, he’s 2. My daughter, she’s 7. So she sees them and
looks and says, “get off my daddy,” you know?

[ Laughter ]

Conan: And she goes and tells mommy.

Ja Rule: Yeah. Mommy don’t like them either. Mommy sits there and coaches
on, like, “yeah, look at them tramps on your daddy.”

[ Laughter ] So, you know.

Conan: That’s good. Teach them young.

Ja Rule: Yeah, teach them young.

Conan: Do you ever watch like a lot of people with kids — all my friends
with kids, I go over to their house and they have to sit there with the
kid and watch the videos that the kids want to watch. Do you ever have
to watch this stuff that your kids are watching?

Ja Rule: I’m feeling like an old, old parent. You know when you were
young, you would say, “I’ll never stay like my parents.” I’m feeling like
one of those guys. You know, my son, he’s in watching his cartoons. I’m
yelling at him like, “go watch ‘bob squarepants’ or whatever his name is.
I don’t know.

[ Laughter ] I’m out of the loop.

Conan: Bob squarepants?

Ja Rule: I’m kind of out of the loop.

Conan: Even I know that’s wrong. We got to get you hooked up with some
spongebob tapes.

Ja Rule: Yeah, I gotta get back in the loop, man. I’m a little out of
the loop.

Conan: ‘Cause you don’t want the kids going, like, “that guy’s square.”

[ Laughter ]

Ja Rule: Yeah. You know, I’m used to bugs bunny, you know, daffy duck,
those guys.

Conan: Sure, yeah.

Ja Rule: Those were my guys.

Conan: Those are the classics.

Ja Rule: Those are the classics.

Conan: I hate bob squarepants, too, now that you mention it.

[ Laughter ] “Half past dead” opens on friday. The new cd, “the last
temptation,” drops on tuesday. It was very cool to have you stop by.

Ja Rule: Thanks for having me.

Conan: Hey, continued good luck to you.

Ja Rule: Sure, man, thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: Ja rule.

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