Ja Rule Stops By TRL On Tuesday

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday for pretty much the entire hour, fielding questions from Carson Daly and performing his latest single ‘Thug Lovin”, though without Bobby Brown. Ja talked about his new album ‘The Last Temptation’ which dropped Tuesday, and explained why he and Vince Diesel turned down an offer to do ‘Fast and the Furious 2’. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Girls are talkin’ at 9 today tlc, 5 yesterday fallin’ off a bit. The man of the hour with a new album out today in stores you’ll all run out and pick up “the last temptation” I’m sure. Say hi to Ja Rule


Carson: Come over and say hi to new york city


Carson: — Good love, ha-ha e TRL guy


Carson: Settle down. Disciples of Ja Rule.

Ja Rule: Holla.

Carson: Wha’ssup, congratulations you got to be happy, stop doing interviews and talkin’ and let people listen to it.

Ja Rule: Yeah, yeah go get it and feel it and vibe with me.

Carson: Your fourth album and people get this and pop it in and listen to it the whole way through what kind of vibe, somethin’ different?

Ja Rule: Yeah. This album right here, man I’m ventin’ a little bit, you know, lettin’ it all hang out you know there’s a lot of things that went on I guess in the last 3 years, 4 years, whatever, you know I had a lot of success, I had a lot of hate, a lot of drama so I address everything.

Carson: Are you a changed man?

Ja Rule: I would say so, yeah.

Carson: We talked about earlier “last temptation” has a religious feel to it even in the artwork, is that new for you coming into spirituality.

Ja Rule: I’ve always been spiritual but not religious. I believe everybody
should have their own thing with god one on one you know.

Carson: Will this be your last album.

Ja Rule: One more after this.

Carson: Then ja rule’s done.

Ja Rule: I’m done, I’m tired. I’m done, man


Carson: Why?

Ja Rule: I want to do some other things, you know, I want to work on some more film stuff.

Carson: People don’t even know you write movies too not only in them.

Ja Rule: Yeah, yeah I wrote a couple scripts I’m takin’ over to hollywood.

Carson: After your next album and you retire will it be like boxing in a couple years for the hell of it you might come back and enter the music boxing ring?

Ja Rule: I don’t know. It is crazy, man I really want to go out and branch off and do other things but music is my passion. I love to write songs and perform and, you know, so I don’t know, you know. But for right now I’m gonna relax and sit down, you know, let the rest of these rappers do their thing.

Carson: Maybe for your last performance ever on the next album have
a blow-out here we’ll invite everybody to new york and it be a hell of a performance.

Ja Rule: Yeah, yeah,.

Carson: Real quick he will be here all show we’ll talk and perform later you’ll be hangin’ with us I want to ask you and vin diesel opted not to do fast and furious 2. Why? And what are you gonna do.

Ja Rule: They changed the whole movie up, you know script was real different. Uhm, the director didn’t come to re-direct it again so, you know, it’s one of them things in Hollywood where everybody doesn’t come back, you don’t come back either, you know.

Carson: Aren’t you givin’ away cash today.

Ja Rule: Yeah, I’m givin’

[Inaudible] You know


Carson: We’ll let ja rule drop into the show he’ll be here all show long we’ll take our first break when we get back Justin Timberlake is out of commission. We’ll give you the scoop on his medical emergency and it’s the rule, it’s murder it’s all show. Trl returns right after this with the top 10.


Carson: Welcome back watchin’ TRL, Carson with Ja Rule. Avril Lavigne news a computer version of and it hit the web yesterday as you see her chashg. There is a ps2 game comin’ out I don’t even know if it is out, (inaudible) do you know about that I think were you immortalized.

Ja Rule: I don’t think I’m on that video game.

Carson: No?

Ja Rule: We doin’ a video game, too but I don’t think that’s the worch I’m on.

Carson: Fair enough. We’ll have MTV news after the no. 8 video which is sum 41 “still waiting” and it’s on trl for Tuesday.


Carson: All right. All right. Sum 41 “still waiting” at 8th is Ja Rule right here.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

Carson: Havin’ a big day for ja rule “last temptation” is out.

Ja Rule: Album is out.

Carson: “Half past dead” is out and crazy.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

Carson: You didn’t make P. Diddy’s birthday bash.

Ja Rule: No I missed it. Hi to get up early this morning you know puff hi to work early otherwise I would have been there.

Carson: Describe to people how his parties are.

Ja Rule: Man I’ve had some of the best times of my life at a diddy party, I ain’t gonna lie I know last night was crazy I’ve heard ever.

Carson: We’ll get a full report and justin’s condition put your hands together for suchin.

Ja Rule: Holla.

Carson: If he was really down he would get out there with crutches.

Ja Rule: I know, man, right.

Carson: Did you ever sustain any real bad injury and kept a show going?

Ja Rule: Yeah, I had surgery on my foot.

Carson: Did you cancel shows.

Ja Rule: Nah, I performed.

Carson: You hear that justin.

Ja Rule: Ooh, callin’ him out.

Ja Rule: But I don’t dance you know what I mean justin he got a whole
dance routine he does. He can’t do that on a broke foot you know.

Carson: I think you are right. Thank you very much. We’ll get to jay-z
& beyonce

bnie & c” let’s watch it at no. 7 on trl thanks for the news, suchin


Carson: Jay-z & beyonce “’03 bonnie & clyde” at 7 on trl second
straight day in a row. Let’s go over to the window, ja, let’s do this he will be perform in a bit he will rform in a bit all of his fans outside. Let’s invite somebody up at let do youeebody you want to invite up.

Ja Rule: Let’s see. How about shortieit the ja rule with the I don’t k what says but my face and looks like they throwin’ up the

[Inaudible] Her right there.

Carson: Tell her to come up

Ja Rule: Right there. You right there come on up. Come on up. Come on

Carson: Ha-ha. I think everybody accepted the invitation.

Ja Rule: Everybody takin’ that invitation.

Carson: We don’t mind. It will be a party. We’ll take a quick break but are giving away mona trip to vegas, nas, ashanti –.

Ja Rule: It will be crazy you should come.

Carson: I’m gonna cash-give away a performance from ja and the top 10
far from over it’s trl


Usually don’t skithe northeast.


Carson: We’ve got some cash to give away. Some big cash thanks to ja rule. “Last temptation” is out. Welcome back trl live in new york. Carson here ja rule there, a big thing goin’ on the money inc contest. Were you nice enough ja rule to put a thousand dollars in each of the blowers behind us.

Ja Rule: Fo shur.

Carson: Put your hands together for the contestants. Ladies how are you.

Ja Rule: So excited.

Carson: Nervous.

Ja Rule: Nervous.

Carson: You did meet ja rule.

Ja Rule: Nice to meet you.

Carson: Here is the deal we’ll put you both in there in a second and you’ll have seconds whoever grabs the most cash gets to go to vegas.

Ja Rule: To vegassss!


Carson: Aig show new year’s eve.

Ja Rule: New year’s in vegas will be crazy we’ll be game bellin’ a lot of celebrities there, you know, itl be real big.

Carson: One of you will get to go, tickets for two and to hang and a grand to go with ya we’ll set it up, play jennifer lopez then we’ll put you in the blower here is jennifer lopez “jenny from the block” video 6.

Ja Rule: “Jenny from the block”


Carson: All right. That’s ja rule’s buddy jennifer lope “jenny from the block” at 6. Mind me we got the contestants. 30 seconds you ready ladies.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

Ja Rule: Look at their faces man.

Carson: Count three startn’ the c 1, 2, (clock ticking).

Carson: That’s what I’myin’, stuff it in my bra (clock ticking).

Carson: Whoever grabs the most in 30 seconds gets hooked up.

Ja Rule: I would block the air duct.

Carson: That’s a good idea.

Ja Rule: If you block the air duct all the money drop in someone spot.

Carson: Very, very wise idea (clock ticking).

Carson: Trying to get a trip to vegas 5 seconds left


Carson: That’s it, ladies it’s all over stop right there nice work don’t move and hold onto your cash we’ll get to mariah carey “through the rain” at 5 we’ll start countin’ the cash one will be a big winner after this video.

Ja Rule: Yeah, ha-ha


Carson: That’s mariah carey “through the rain” at 5, 6 yesterday. Ja rule doin’ something I know you’ve done before countin’ some kizzy ismts a lot of 10s and 5s.

Carson: We’ll buy you some time we’ll buy you some timethis is day 46 for him retired in four days here is justin timberlake “like I love you” at 4 we’ll have a winner when ja’s done countin’ right after this:


Carson: Uh-huh. Uh-huh

Ja Rule: My joint right there.

Carson: You like that right.

Ja Rule: Yeah, yeah for sure.

Carson: All right justin timberlake “like I love you” at 4. The second day. We’ve got the girls here right to the results the money inc contest, vegas, belagio, vegas new year’s eve, nas, ashanti, ja you can take a friend and it will be big.

Ja Rule: New year’s

Carson: Monica grabbed $248 but

[Drum roll] With 349 jkie is the winner


Carson: Jackie and a friend goin’ to vegas congratulations.

Ja Rule: Thank you.

Ja Rule: Congratulations, ma

Carson: Thank you to ja for providing that.

Ja Rule: No doubt, no doubt.

Carson: Very generous of you.

Ja Rule: Hey, it’s on me.

Carson: It’s for the family.

Ja Rule: Ha-ha for the family.

Carson: Congratulions to jackie

Carson: All right and you get to keep your money.

Ja Rule: Forl holla.

Carson: Yeah, 250 bucks for hangin’ out. We’ll take a break and ja rule let you get ready for the performance “thug lovin'” when we get back.

Ja Rule: For sure.

Carson: Watchin’ trl live in new york don’t miss ja performin’ right after thiscongratulations to jackie

Carson: It’s tuesday when you are shoppin’ for the record you might wanna swing by the aisle with ja rule “last temptation” is the name of it.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

Carson: Pick it up now because as ja told us about 40 minutes ago that
he’s only got one more album in him, go get it and enjoy it while you can.

Ja Rule: Yeah, holla, holla go get the collection

Carson: What’s up with “thug lovin'” you’ll perform in a second the video high production, helicopters where did you come up with this?

Ja Rule: You know basically we just wanted to set stages, you know for
me and

[Inaudible] To do the biggest pces we could do, you know, so the building
was a good stage to set you know we shut down hollywood boulevard. It was a good stage to set, you know.

Carson: It’s a big video.

Ja Rule: And took to the streets of L.A. When you see all the essays and the –.

Carson: Good to hear bobby than on the radio.

Ja Rule: Good to hear bobby on the radio.

Carson: How is he, all right.

Ja Rule: He’s good my next single is me and ashanti me and shan doing
“mesmerize” off my album and the video concept is “grease” it is crazy you know gotti came up with the concept and we should be shootin’ it soon, hope flow we’ll get mtv cameras over there.

Carson: A big transformation takes place it will be like that I’m sure.

Ja Rule: It will be ht.

Carson: All right let’s get to christina aguilera “dirrty” and after “dirrty” it’s all ja rule.

Ja Rule: Get dirrty christina, get dirrty


Carson: Miss christina, no. 3 dirrty now time for music the album out today “last temptation” go get it, performin’ “thug vin'” live on trl put your hands together for ja rule


Carson: There you go how about that trl, ja re, everybody put your hands


Carson: ‘Got the flows over owe over here. At home right now — that was hot. Thank you if you are at home right now


[Talking simultaneously] “Holla back” and ask ja some questions we’ll take a break. Not doneet when get back b2k versus eminem and more with ja rule and more right after this:


Carson: Wow. One of the better performances on trl just occurred ja rule doin’ “thug lovin'” off “last temp tition” his album out today welcome back to the top 2 videos ja you have been nice enough to be here all show long

Ja Rule: Vote that video on trl y’all.

Carson: “Half past dead” the movie good luck with that and all your endeavors you always have a home here if you ever need anything.

Ja Rule: Love ‘carson.

Carson: B2dz k took a run at eminem but in the quite.

Ja Rule: Bump, bump, bump.

Carson: — At 2 thanks to ja

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