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stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to premiere his new video ‘Mesmerize’ featuring Ashanti. Ja brought up the 50 Cent beef and wanting to do a bring the peace kind of concert with him, Eminem, Jay-Z, DMX, and everyone that has a beef with someone else. What he didn’t comment on, and shame on MTV for at least not asking, was the police raid of Murder Inc. last week. After he left, John Norris said Ja had declined comment. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Please welcome ja rule.


TRL: What ‘up, ja. How are you?


Ja Rule: Ai’ight?

TRL: What ‘up, gentleman.

Ja Rule: All right. What’s happenin’, baby.

TRL: All right.

Ja Rule: I ain’t been here in a minute. You know a lot of lot of ergy.

TRL: A lot poppin’ in here man.

Ja Rule: Definitely.

TRL: I know you spent new year’s eve in vegas.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

TRL: How do you do with the gamblin’?

Ja Rule: I didn’t do too good. U know the tab are all rigged around
new year’s time they make sure they get you so — but I had a good time,

TRL: We hope for better luck.

Ja Rule: Definitely.

TRL: I’m the worst at gamblin’.

Ja Rule: I seen how you had it out here. We was catchin’ the footage
from our show out there. It was crazy. New york is always crazy new year’S.

TRL: No doubt. You got any new year’s resolutions?

Ja Rule: Uhm, i don’t know I’m trying to get some rest for the new year,
man. Stay focused, ha-ha. Stay focused.

TRL: And see what the rest situation it doesn’t seen you gettin’ none
because the records always comin’ out.

Ja Rule: Yeah.

TRL: Movies.

Ja Rule: I haven’t got too much sleep lately but it’s all right I’m
stayin’ to what i got to do, man, workin’ hard for my people, for love


TRL: We have to take a break but we’ll back with your new video so you
guys hang tight.

Ja Rule: Holla.

TRL: We’ll come back for ja’s new one “mesmerize” in a minute.


TRL: Yeah. Welcome back to trl. The city, the people, all the goodness
with ja rule.

Ja Rule: Yeah, yeah.

TRL: Congratulations man on the cover of “the source”.

Ja Rule: Thank you.

TRL: That’s big right there.

Ja Rule: Much loved.

TRL: And the article among other things this rum mored beef with 50
cent. If there is anything you could say to clear up that issue, what would
it be.

Ja Rule: I mean, you know, hip-hop beef these days are really overrated
and fake and, you know, with that dude, you know, don’t really have a problem,
he’s a snitch, and like —

TRL: Sounds like you do have a problem calling him a snitch.

Ja Rule: I mean it is it is i call a spade a spade i wouldn’t lie about
it and i really don’t want to trouble myself with people who work with
the police and things like this so I’m here doin’ my thing and, you know,
i wish him all the luck in the world, i wish him all of my kids. 
I’m going on a stop the violence tour with all the mayors and stuff you
know I’m into makin’ piece with and unity and stuff but when people ain’t
into it, they just ain’t into it, you know what I mean.

TRL: You have to make that consorted effort.

Ja Rule: Maybe one day we could all get together. We was talkin’ about
throwin’ it mbe a stop the violence tour, me, M.J 50, eminem, all the dudes
that got beefs

TRL: Y’all want to see that.

Ja Rule: Yllan to see that


TRL: Talk to the promoters, that would be real positive why do you think
hip had has the beef goin’ on all the time, back to K.R.S.-1 and mcian.

Ja Rule: I think with the recession and everything since 9-11 you know
a lot of sales have been down and i think a lot of dudes tryin’ to get
record sales runnin’ around makin’ battle records and pickin’ fights with
this artist or that artist but none of it is real you know you might see
guys in the club together you know doin’ the shimmy here like this then
they on records killin’ each other you know what I mean? So none of it
is really real a lot of these guys just runnin’ around just talkin’ and
I think a lot of it got to do with they hate themselves right now man but
me i like to base my sales things on makin’ good records, good music. At’s
what it’s a about, you know.

TRL: Definitely. Definitely. Keep it positive, no doubt. Let’s talk
about your no. 8 request jay-z fe beyonce “’03 bonnie & clyde”. Congrats
to jay chosen as “vibe’s” best solo artist 2002.

Ja Rule: I got that last year.

TRL: ‘Been there and done that.

Ja Rule: No doubt.

TRL: Actually the no. 4 song in the country right now. What do you think
of this joint right here.

Ja Rule: It’s a good joint, man. A lot of controversy surroundin’ the
record but maybe that’s why it’s no. 3 right now controversy and a good
record. It’s all G.It never hurts.

TRL: That’s true as long tass is kept on wax.

Ja Rule: Quddus is all about peace.

TRL: For real man. We’ll get to your premiere real quick.

Ja Rule: Oh, yeah.

TRL: After this video the no. Artist sum 41 “still waiting”.

Ja Rule: Holla.


TRL: Yeah. That was no. 7 sum 41 “still waiting”. It was 8 friday. We
about toaknt — yaimts yeah, yeah.

TRL: Your video.

Let’set into it.

TRL: Thurse actually showed some clips of on the show but for those
who didn’t see it can you break down the video for us.

Basically a spin-off ofhe movie “grease” we rhat wholeoncept, it was
gotti’s it’s hot the ying and the yangg the thug wants the school girlnd
the sool girl who ntth thug, the worlds not meetin’.

TRL: You change your work.

Ja Rule: She tried to step into my world and me into her and it works,
we g get together.

TRL: Have you ever done that in real life compromise to get that shorty
you be eyein’.

Ja Rule: You know in life you compromise for the things you want sometimes.
I am married so when you married you got to make compromises.  —
You don’t know who you are with until you married and compromise is cool.

TRL: You want to do the honors.

Ja Rule: My new joint featuring ashanti the premiere of “mesmerize”
right here on trl. Holla!


TRL: Like that last part right there


TRL: Ja rule and ashanti “mesmerize” off the record “last temptation”
which hit a cool mill.

Ja Rule: Yeah, we occupy you know for the last temptation. Holla, on
your countdown.

TRL: Fo, shur.

Ja Rule: No doubt.

TRL: Got to go to break right quick but thank you for toin’ by.

Ja Rule: For sure lala.

TRL: We’ll go to break right.

Ja Rule: — Always love on trl. Holla.

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