Ja Rule’s Entourage Gets Heavy With DJ

The Natal Witness reports 24-year-old Sakhile Xulu, known in the trade as DJ Staxx, was booked to play after in a two-storey tower that faced the main stage at Kingsmead, South Africa on Sunday. When Staxx tried to play the 50 Cent hit ’21 Questions’, all hell broke loose. Within minutes the sound was switched off and he was told over the PA system that he wasn’t allowed to play that particular song. “I looked really unprofessional in front of thousands of people, cutting such a popular song and when I asked why, I was sworn at over the PA,” said Xulu. On of Ja’s bodyguards then confronted him and demanded the 50 record so he could smash it up, or he would have his neck broken after the show. “I tried to negotiate with him and said that if he gave me money for the record he could have it, but he totally refused and I didn’t want to test his patience,” Xulu explained. He handed over the record, and the bodyguard broke it into pieces, throwing it to the floor.

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