Jack White: Hip-Hop Needs To Regenerate

White Stripes frontman Jack White weighed in on why he’s not a hip-hop fan in an interview with Blender. He says, “In black music, you used to see a new thing every two years. First there was blues, then jazz, rock & roll, Motown, funk… It regenerated all the time. But hip-hop hasn’t regenerated in the last 15 years. People criticize our band for havin gour head in the ’60s, but hip-hop artists are considered cutting-edge even though they’re doing the same thing that was done in 1986. It’s a confusing double standard.”

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One thought on “Jack White: Hip-Hop Needs To Regenerate

  1. chuckdaly says:

    I went to high school with Jack. He use to say hip hop wasn’t music. Most likely some adult who was apart of the 70s disco/synth backlash told him that, and he took it for gospel. Guys like Jack White imply that playing a chord on a guitar is of greater merit than playing the same chord on a keyboard. If pressed Jack would back down from his claims, because an intelligent argument can not be made to back up such nonsense.

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