Jadakiss Doesn’t Make Enemies, But Still Not Fond Of Puffy

Contributed by AdamBernard:

When released his first solo album he had a line that said he was looking for enemies. Well, apparently making enemies is something that doesn’t come easy for the New York native as Jada notes “I got good relationships,” adding “with industry you gotta keep your relationships and your repores good. A lotta people got money but a lot of this is about people liking you as a person. It’s easy to get somebody to come through and hop on a track if they like you despite any money you can offer them or your label can offer them. If they don’t like you it’s a wrap.” To find out who Jada’s been working with, why he feels his last album didn’t do as well as it could have, and how Puffy is still finding ways to screw over The Lox monetarily, click here.

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