Jadakiss Opens Up On ‘The Kiss Of Death’

tells MTV News he’s taken note of his lyrical flaws brought up by critics, so on his upcoming LP, ‘The Kiss of Death’, Jada opens up. “I been getting a lot of criticism [about my lyrics] with the media,” he said a few weeks ago in New York. “They said the only thing that was [hindering] me from being one of the greats like Rakim, Jigga and 50 Cent was that I never let [the listeners] inside my world, my life. Plus, you gotta charge that to 50, Eminem and DMX. They came out with pain, gave the world their pain. Em with his moms and his baby’s moms, X with his whole life, 50 with whatever happened to him. They made it a little more personal, that’s what the fans want.” Read more.

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