Jae Millz Q&A

Jae Millz

InsideHoops.com caught up with for a Q&A and asked the rapper what’s right about hip-hop lately, and what’s wrong? “It’s cool, it’s a beautiful thing, because it’s an outlet for a lot of people to get their families straight, to get out of the hood,” Millz said. “But I think right now the music is being abandoned. People aren’t giving 110 percent of their music right now, so everything is shifted around. I’m trying to get it back to everybody giving 110, 120 percent of what they’re really going through, putting that into their music. So people can really respect the music. Now it’s getting repetative. Everybody getting mad at the South, as if that’s the reason why new York not winning, because of the South. Naw, they’re putting in their work and they’re grinding, so that’s what we gotta do, too. That’s what I’m trying to do in Back to the Future, trying to take it back to when it was all around hip-hop and take it to the future. It’s my first album, highly anticipated. I think I’m going to be around for a while.” Read more.

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