Jam Master Jay Killed Over Drug Money?

In an exclusive interview with SOHH.com, an informant revealed that DJ Jam Master Jay was killed over drug money and shared shocking information on and Lyor Cohen’s parts in Jay’s murder. According to the source, the police’s latest efforts are only smokes and mirrors. Jay allegedly began digging his own grave when he bought 10 kilos of cocaine from a Milwaukee supplier in June of last year. With protection from Ronald “Tinard” Washington, a man whom has been said to fit the killer’s description, Jay went to Washington D.C. to pick up drugs before going to Baltimore to a point man who then vanished with the dope without leaving a dime. Jam Master Jay was allegedly under pressure to reimburse the drug money, a sum that he obviously didn’t have. Though a few whispers have been heard on Jay’s possible drug dealing past, the focus of the investigation quickly shifted elsewhere.

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