Jared Evan On The Gift And Curse Of Digital Downloads

Jared Evan

spoke with TheDeadbolt recently in a Q&A, where he offered his thoughts on digital downloads. “I think that digital downloading is like a gift and a curse,” he said. “It helps and hurts the artist, and it definitely helps the listener. It helps the artist because it’s so much quicker and easier and more convenient to make a quick mp3 of something and send it to somewhere. Make songs over the computer, that’s an insane concept because it never used to exist. It advances the direction and pace of the music business. But at the same time, because everything is digital now, it’s not like what it was. And what is was, was what it was meant to be. So we kind of interfered with fate and made it something else. It’s a gift and a curse. But I think that it’s definitely helpful.” The full interview at thedeadbolt.com has since been removed.

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