Jay-Z Attends Cher Concert With His Posse

Actor Topher Grace was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Friday where he revealed that seated next to him and his mother at a Cher concert was . Grace says that Jigga was there with his posse and was “making fun of her pretty hardcore.” Conan joked that he was selling out Jay-Z by revealing this. Read on for a transcript.

Topher Grace: No, no, they were all — I learned them that night. So,
but I was gonna get up and have fun, and my mom, you know, the concert
starts and she gets up and she’s singing, she’s having a great time. And
next to me — you know, I knew they were gonna sit some celebrity next
to me, and I thought, whoever it is, I don’t care, I’m gonna — I’m gonna
get into this concert. And it was jay-Z.

Conan: Jay-z is at a cher concert?

Topher Grace: Yeah. Jay-z, what is he doing at a cher concert?

Conan: What is jay-z doing there?

Topher Grace: I think it was part of the free weekend that he d come
to, and he was there with his —

[ Laughter ]

Conan: What if he starts sampling her a lot in his music?

Topher Grace: No, he was making fun of her pretty hardcore, and —

Conan: He was? During the concert?

Topher Grace: No, he was actually really funny. He wasn’t — he wasn’t
being mean, he was just — she’d say something like —

Conan: You’re totally selling — you’re totally selling out jay-z right

Topher Grace: I know. Sorry, jay-Z. He — you know, she’d say, like,
“if you’ve noticed, I’ve pulled out all the stops,” you know, “on this

Conan: Right.

Topher Grace: And she had pulled out all the stops. And jay-z would
yell something like — “oh, it’s about to go down!”

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Jay-z’s heckling cher?

[ Laughter ]

Topher Grace: He wasn’t heckling. No, he was just in his posse, and
I was close enough to kind of be part of his posse that night.

Conan: I think you blend right in to jay-z’s posse.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] The only one who had —

Topher Grace: No, he —

Conan: Someday I want you and I to both try and blend in with jay-z’s
posse and just see how well that works out.

[ Laughter ]

Topher Grace: No, he was great. He was really funny, and it made it
better. But I tried to kind of like, you know, be cool with him, you know,
like, “yeah,” and then slowly on the side, like, try and —

Conan: Fit in with your mom.

Topher Grace: Fit in with my mom. It was really awful. Luckily, jay-z
left, so we kind of had a good — at the finale, when she sung “believe,”
she was in front of mom.

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