Jay-Z Calls In To TRL… Niece’s Father Barely Escapes WTC

Jay Z called into TRL on Friday to share his thoughts and experiences following the events in the United States on Tuesday the same day his new album, The Blueprint, was released and how a family member barely escaped tragedy. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: On the phone a good friend of ours . Are you there?

Jay-Z: Wha’ssup, man.

Carson: How are you?

Jay-Z: Good. Good.

Carson: We appreciate you takin’ time to call us. The first question obously you had a record come out on this tragic day what’s it like for you.

Jay-Z: It’s weird you know as an artist you look forward to your release date, you know. Put your soul into your music so you look forward to your release date then somethin’, you know a tragedy like that happens and it’s like, you know, that’s the last thing on your mind, you know. You know what I’m sayin’?

Carson: Obviously native New Yorker with friends and family. Is everybody okay.

Jay-Z: Yeah I spoke to everyone. My niece, uhm’s father was in the building you know at the time. He just got out the building so ….

Carson: My god.

Jay-Z: Yeah, it’s tough.

Carson: What did you tell the Rockafella family as a leader?

Jay-Z: I mean just like — you don’t even have to tell people like I’ve been gettin’, you know pages from everybody, people callin’, talkin’ like you know we got just you know some of the toughest, toughest dudes, you know what I’m sayin’, we got boots, Timbalands, we got this, you know everyone wants to pitch in and help, you know.

Carson: We’ve asked most people who have called in today, you mentioned you work so hard on The Blueprint, you know, the music is everything to you and then somethin’ like this happens. You know, where is the return to normalsy for you musically?

Jay-Z: I mean just with every tragedy you know what I’m sayin’, ielieve that it makes us stronger, you know, it tests your faith. If your faith is not right place you know that, you know, it wil get better. We will get stronger. So …. that’s the only thing. And i got to ride on, you know.

Carson: Thank you for callin’ in, man.

Jay-Z: No doubt.

Carson: We appreciate it.

Jay-Z: ‘Cool.

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