Jay-Z Giving Away 3 Benzes

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Due to music pirating, has a few tricks up his Roc-A-Wear sleeve so sales don’t slack. Like Obie Trice and the G-Unit, he too is including three golden tickets in three different copies of ‘The Black Album’. “I got a golden ticket giveaway going on too,” Jigga explained to MTV News. “I got three Mercedes Benzes, not one, not two … three Mercedes. They can’t get the Maybach, let’s not get crazy, but it’s something nice though. I did something with Mercedes where they used some of my lyrics in their ads, so I already had some dealings with them. The album was coming up and I was like, ‘Give me three of those joints, let the people have them.’ That’s how simple it was.” As second-place prizes, Jay is giving away 10 books with all his lyrics printed in them. Read more.

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