Jay-Z Interview: Black Album, 50 Cent, Nas

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Yeah I usually dont listen to the radio but I happened to come across Power 92 out here in chicago and they had an interview wit , so I thought Id post it for yall..he had some interesting stuff to say

-On The Black Album and Black Book

“its gonna be my last album because Ive put out an album just about every year since 96. Yo I didnt even think I would keep makin records after BIG died. I remember him makin “who shot ya” and I was able to make like four joints that night jus by hearin that. So for awhile I got that feelin like whats out there for me to keep my focus up. So by november ima drop the black alum and book, its my last album yall. (everybody in studio begs him not to stop makin albums). Ive accomplished way more then I thought I ever would and its time for me to move on and face new challenges. after the album im gonna focus on gettin my acting career goin.”

-On Shady/ Aftermath – Murda Inc beef

“Have fun, maybe Ja has somethin to prove”

-On Beyonce

“Yeah we still togetha”
(they tried to askin him a million questions about they relationship and he just kept sayin, “I leave personal business personal”)


“Im Happy for 50, the hip hop world gets a little too focused on commercial/ Radio friendly music. 50 represents that raw street mentality that takes people back.”

“Hopefully by the summer we wil have a joint out for the streets, me and 50 on the same track, it’ll be hot”

-On Beef wit Dame Dash & Cam

“There is no beef between me and Dash. Dash grew up knowin Cam and whatnot so they got history. I really dont know Cam that well. Jus because I dont hang out wit him and his crew dont me we got beef. When we see eachother we say “whats up” and thats all to it. Me and Dash is like brothers man, why would I beef wit him.”

-On Possible Collabo

“You everybody say me and Nas had a war, it wasnt a war. It was more like a wrestling match. I dont wish nothin bad on the dude, its just that we dont see eye to eye. as far as me and him doin a joint togetha, maybe…because anything is possible”

– Possible Mobb Deep Collabo (one of the hosts is a Mobb Fan)

**Laughs** “anything is possible I guess, I aint got nothin against Prodigy or Havoc”

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