Jay-Z On Limp Bizkit’s ‘Bipolar’

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has posted a message on his website, revealing that will be featured on a track on their forthcoming album, ‘Bipolar’. The Track is prematurely called ‘Rebels’. Here’s what he had to say: “Now let’s talk music. Let’s not talk about horse sh**. It’s hard to believe the album is almost finished being mixed! It sounds so tight!! Last night, here in NY, I was in the studio with Jay-Z. DJ Lethal made a sick beat that I collaborated with Jay on. He is unbelievable! He didn’t write down one single word. He just listen to the beat over and over while scheming something in his brain. Then, only moments later, Jay got on the mic and blasted out an amazing rhyme! He is truly a chosen one. He has a gift like no one else I’ve ever worked with. When I worked with Eminem, it was the same type of amazing raw talent. It is so inspiring. I hear that Biggie used to do it the same way Jay does. Wow! Last night was truly unbelievable! I wish I would have had my video camera there to film it for you. Oh well, you’ll just have to listen to the track. I think I might name it ‘Rebels’.”

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