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stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to talk about this Sunday’s Grammy Awards and his concert on Showtime. Jay says that even though he has voiced problems with the Grammys in the past for ignoring hip hop, he says things have improved so he’s cool. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: Give it up for jay-z!


TRL: The jigga-man.


Jay-Z: Yeah! What ‘up?


TRL: What ‘up, baby.

Jay-Z: Where do I stands, where do I stand.

TRL: Anywhere. Ai’ight. What’s goin’ on?

Jay-Z: Chillin’. Chillin’. Wha’ssup?

TRL: Chillin’ definitely


TRL: Jay everyone knows the Grammys are this weekend. In the past you
have kinda been down on that show like a lot of people have their complaints
about the Grammys. What do you feel about them, fair or not fair?

Jay-Z: Nah, it was just that in the rap category like two years ago,
uhm, there was a you know — wasn’t televising ’em like inviting somebody
to their house and go to the basement to eat but they fixin’ it all now,
eminem, ashanti they fixed it I’m lovin’ it.

TRL: A big night for the hip-hop world doing your big concert on showtime
the first ever live full-length concert on television.

Jay-Z: [Inaudible] Those type of things i love to do for hip-hop you
know what I’m sayin’ like open doors, they never let a hip-hop artist do
his own show on a major cable network

TRL: Are you nervous, you seem like a cool guy.

Jay-Z: I’m cool, man. That’s what I do for a living, man.

TRL: He is focused and ready. Talk about the album, unbelievable you
went with “excuse me miss” but a lot of people thought you would choose
“guns and roses”.

Jay-Z: That’s next. I didn’t want to jump out the window but wanted
to keep it smth.

TRL: Shout out to pharelle.

TRL: We have to take a break. Jay-z more with him, your turn to ask
questions and the osbournes kelly and jack hangin’ out. Always with somhing
to say. Today they dish the dirt on each other. Stick around trlill be
right back


TRL: Welcome back to trl.It is crazy outsideight now. I’m hangin’ out
with jay-Z.

Jay-Z: It is crazy over there, yeah.

TRL: Yes, crazy. Damien and Quddus are actually in the audience with
jay-z fans who want to ask you their own personal questions in a minute
after your next request up one from yesterday no. 5 jc chasez “blowin’
me up” he will reunite with the rest of his nsync fam sunday at the grammys
the first time together in a very long time.


TRL: Ha-ha. That was no. 5 jc chasez “blowin’ me up”. It was no. 6 yesterday.
Now, people wanna ask you questions, anything they want to know.

Jay-Z: The video, you played it that fast?!

TRL: It was like real quick.


TRL: People are ask you to questions so first up, we’ll holla at damien
what’s going on, baby.

TRL: Thank you very much. What are you doing, you are here to see jay

Fan: Yep I’m anita.

TRL: A question for him?

Fan: Me and my cousin B.K., We wanna know what is the sexiest part of
a female’s body that you like, what do you like in a woman.

Jay-Z: On T.V., Eyes.

Fan: Ain’t in eyes.

TRL: She wants to know off-T.V..

Fan: I want the off-T.V. Answer, you know!

TRL: All right. We got Quddus hangin’ out. Q.What ‘up.

TRL: With camera with a question r j gan what it.

Fan: I love your first album and second one i love “blueprint” 1 and
2 i didn’t think you could top yourself but you did. One question, if you
could wish for anything in the world, just one wish what would you wish

Jay-Z: That everyone from the projects and move then into mansions and
everybody in mansions and move them into the projects


TRL: I like that.

TRL: No doubt. Though doubt. Well, jay, we got to thank youso muchor
stoppin’y, continued success.

Jay-Z: Thank you.

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