Jay-Z Promotes ‘The Black Album’ On ‘TRL’

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to promote his new album ‘The Black Album’, which dropped on Friday. Jay talked about why this is his last effort, his new video ‘Change Clothes’ — which he promised won’t be his last video at least, and more. Check out a rough transcript by reading on.

TRL: Give it up for young hova, make some noise for jay-Z.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay-Z: What’s up?

TRL: Good to have you on the show, man.

Jay-Z: You guys shortchanged me on the record number.

TRL: Ok. Correct me? How many records?

Jay-Z: I don’t know.

TRL: How many?

Jay-Z: That’s official.

TRL: You know, we’re glad to have you here. It’s an honor to have you
here. You’re retiring, two words i never thought I’d put jay-z and retirement
in the same sentence. Why?

Jay-Z: You know, like i thought my first album is my one and only, you
know what I’m saying? But the business we moved rockefeller to priority
to def jam. So i contracted. So every album it was like that. This could
be the last, this could be the last. Then i got to a point where i was
making an album a year since ’96. What more can i say as a solo artist?
I don’t want to get to the point where I’m going through the motion, you
know what I’m saying?

TRL: Making albums just for the sake of making albums?

Jay-Z: Yeah

TRL: What would you say is the most important thing you have learned
in this experience?

Jay-Z: Just to stay true to what you do. No matter —

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: All right.

Jay-Z: That was a popular one. Now, whatever song i make, you still
get me in the song. You know what I’m saying? I just stay true to what
I do.

TRL: A lot of sides to you, man. You’ve dropped so many different songs.
So we have to shout that out. Not as many cats as versatile in this game
as this man.

TRL: Another great thing about you you have had so many awesome albums.
The one right here —

Jay-Z: Yeah, yeah, unplugged.

TRL: How about you, the favorite album you made?

Jay-Z: Reasonable doubt.

TRL: Me too.

Jay-Z: That was a whole life work, you know what I’m saying? Every album
after that was just a year.

Fan: We love you!

Jay-Z: Thank you.

TRL: All right. All right.

TRL: Got to love that love right there. We’ll talk of the “black” album
in a few. You’re going to get triumph ready right now?

TRL: Yes.

TRL: Jiggy, do you want to introduce your new video on the countdown.

Jay-Z: It’s pharrell, “change clothes.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: There goes jay-Z. His video, “change clothes” at number ten. Lots
of cameos up there in there. Even killy rip pa showing you love there.

Jay-Z: It’s a beautiful thing.

TRL: Of course the first single off the final album for you, the “black”
album. What’s the concept behind it?

Jay-Z: When I started to make the “black” album, artistic thing, but
i had give the people one last go-round. I wanted to treat my first album
like I treated my last album. Same thing. I want to take the same approach.
Just have fun.

TRL: Is that your last video?

Jay-Z: No, no, no, no, no, no.

TRL: Okay. What’s the next single?

Jay-Z: “Dirt on your shoulder.” The timberland track. I’m not going
nowhere. I’m growing to do the “rock the mic” tour.

TRL: A lot of people happy to hear about. That i know you’re a thoughtful
dude. What was most important for you to express in this farewell album?

Jay-Z: I wanted to go through the whole career. Give people — just
like my troin specktive album. I wanted to dig deeper, even deeper than
“blue print.” You know what I’m saying?

TRL: You even have your mother talking about your childhood on the record.

Jay-Z: Yeah.

Jay-Z: I had to trick her to do that.

TRL: How so?

Jay-Z: It was her birthday. I was like, meet me at the studio, we can
go over to the club together. I put on the music. See those empty spots,
say something right there. I kept it.

TRL: You bamboozled your own mom.

Jay-Z: Yeah. We’ll get a deal.

Jay-Z: That’s something, man. I’m just joking.

TRL: Well, we’re all such fans of you and your career and your music
that trl wanted to give you something to remember us by. We were kind of
hoping you’d look at it one day and kind of have it inspire you come back
to the game, so we’ll give you a retirement plaque, man. This is it, dude.

Jay-Z: Wow! That’s great.

[ Cheers and applause ] That’s wonderful.

TRL: All right?

TRL: Nice. You brought something for the audience too, right? We’re
going to get to that in a bit.

Jay-Z: Oh, yeah, i did. I would have forgot. I’m glad you said that.

TRL: We’ll check out for triumph in this video. This one is dropping
fast to number nine, it’s pink with “trouble.” Check it out.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: What’s up, welcome back to “total request live. “We are wrapping
up “spankin’ new music week” with a real big bang man. You’re watching
kelly clarkson and “the trouble with love is.” A lot of fans came out.

Jay-Z: Exactly.

TRL: It’s crazy. They’re all here loving you, jay-Z. We’re here with
jay by the way, jay-z, by the way. Jay will be performing on the sixth
floor balcony on saturday, november 22.

Jay-Z: Yeah. Yeah.

TRL: Do you know what songs — you’re going to be performing?

Jay-Z: I think I’m going to give one.

TRL: Just one?

Jay-Z: Okay. We’ll see what the vibe is right. We’ll go for it.

TRL: That will be live at 2:00 for the east coast and the west coast
at 1 1:00. Dude, thank you for coming by. Wish i had more time with you.
We’re going to go out with d here. And with triumph right after this request.
Love having you around, man. Best of luck with everything.

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