Jay-Z Snubs Morocco’s King Mohammed VI

The New York Post reports dissed King Mohammed VI of Morocco at Musiq’s concert at B.B. King’s Bar & Grill. The King invited “the king of hip-hop” to join him, but someone in Jay-Z’s posse refused. Even after the King sent a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries to him, delivered by a busty blond waitress, he still nixed the offer, but invited the waitress to sit down with him.

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7 thoughts on “Jay-Z Snubs Morocco’s King Mohammed VI

  1. inconnuu says:

    Screw you Jay-Z

  2. Musta says:

    Jay’s be careful the king is gay, he is looking for someone to fu** him using the money of the Moroccan citizens and the poor people to achieve his needs. We wish one day Morocco to be like what happened in Libya. This king is illegal for that country we do not know who is he and how does his fu**ing grandfather had ruled exploiting the analphabet (Berbers) or the Amazigh tribes using terror and. we want to fall the regime and the king we want parliament kingdom .

  3. Zechariah says:

    he is a member of Moorish Science Temple of America

  4. Red1 says:

    I see that Musta doesn’t like the king but the population like him as leader.
    And if you don’t like someone it’s not good to insult and say things not possible and that you can’t even prove .

    King Mohammed VI will remain king and you can say this to your fellows.

    Other thing you have to read the history of the great Morocco , inchallah you will understand it.


  5. Richard Ben Azzouz says:

    A blood thirsty son of a bitch,a thief, a murder, a sadist,a gangster a despot, a sick bastard, who envoys shoving bottles up his victims anus’s, or have them raped by dogs!He lives in 12 palaces plus, and the Moroccan families living in public bathroom,and slums.This dictator is surrounded by a mafia of thugs, he runs Tamazgha, once an Amazighan nation, like his own farm, exploiting its people and their livelihood, he hold the entire nation’s economy! All by himself a monopoly over everything that moves or crawls….Tmara, is on of his dungeon where his tugs called D.S.T, tortures, and sadistically rape their poor victims.This son of bitch, should be held responsible for way too may crimes against humanity!Hilary Clinton, should also stand trail for supporting such despicable dictator!!! His own slaves,and agents would disagree here with me just like his cleargy who supports his crimes against privileges of the Idrissite, OR ALLAWITES sects, supposedly his clan, or slaves want be!In all sincerity please boycott Morocco.

  6. said Mansour says:

    This is Nothing but a bunch a bull Mr Richard your input is a a bit ridiculous because you probably never lived in Morocco and also jay-z doesn’t have the balls to “Snub” the King because he will bury his ASS!!

  7. Izil says:

    The gay king mohamed 6 is the most corrupted man in the world .we will bring his ass down one day

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